Paranoid Mommy

Yepperee folks, that is exactly what I am- a PARANOID MOMMY.

My parents got new cell phones last week. Their old phones were Tracfones that have double minutes for the life of the phone, and Mom had just renewed her number for a year. Rather than waste the time on both their phones, they gave one phone to me and one phone to Cody. Cody has had his phone for less than 48 hours, which means that, being the good internet mommy that I am, I had to check his call history (eh? see what a good little mom I am?).

I know when he got the phone- and I came across a local number, that wasn’t in his address book (the only numbers that he’s allowed to call, and he knows it), and immediately start to panic. Who is he calling? Who does that number belong to? And, more importantly, where did he get it? He doesn’t remember, and I don’t recognize it. I just looked it up, and then I remember…

My mom used his phone to order their dinner from a local restaurant the day that they gave him the phone.

Yep, my son got in trouble because his grandmother used his phone.


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