It’s Coming…

The first day of school, that is. This year is a year that I’ve been dreading for almost 7 years. My baby- correction my LAST baby- is going off to kindergarten. Now he’s been in school for the last two years, but preschool isn’t kindergarten.

And a week from Monday, he starts kindergarten. Yesterday, we went and checked out the class lists. Evan got the teacher that we like, and he’s in the afternoon class (yeah, we’re still half day kindergarten). Dylan got a new to us teacher this year, and since it’s Dylan that got the teacher, I’m hopeful. Cody got a teacher that he wanted, and she’s one that I know will be tough on him when he needs it.

Monday is Kindergarten Round Up. Evan’s given us problems when it comes to kindergarten since last March, when he was told that he was ready for kindergarten. Something about kindergarten bugs him or scares him or something. He gets all quiet like and doesn’t want to talk or do anything. Yesterday, when I mentioned that he was a new kindergartener and told him that who his teacher is, he clammed up. Refused to talk. Dragged his feet the entire way home (we walked). Pouted. Told me that he wasn’t going to kindergarten.

He’s resigned to it now, but I’m kinda dreading Monday. And then the next Monday. Not because I’ll get all teary eyed (which I will), but because I’m not sure how he’ll act in kindergarten.


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