The Dreaded K Word

Evan in HelmetHe doesn’t want to go to kindergarten. He wants to stay home. He wants to stay in Miss G’s class. He doesn’t know what he wants, but he knows that he does not want to go to kindergarten. Ever.

I made a mistake yesterday by telling him that today is his kindergarten entrance exam. We have to walk (thanks, hubby), which means that our normally 15 minute walk will take us thirty minutes. *sigh* And I know that this ‘exam’ is really short lived- write his name, identify some letters, shapes, colors, things he can do in his sleep while I fill out paperwork and then we’re done and can head home.

Sis and bil are here visiting from Texas this week. Today is our one day at home, while sis and bil take the kids and go visit bil’s family for the day. So we’ve spent the last week swimming, riding ATVs, eating, drinking (margarita party anyone?) and my boys have whined, and cried, and thrown some major fits because they’re exhausted and need a day to rest and relax. So- today’s plan is to clean, take Evan to his ‘exam’, and clean some more. I think that we might make ice cream later, but we’ll see. It all depends on when I get to the kitchen, since my house is a disaster right now.

Cody goes SwimmingYesterday was the first day that Cody was allowed to swim in the pond without a vest (those pictures are still on the camera, if I took them. I don’t remember what’s on the camera, sleep deprivation will do that to a person).

One more picture, and then I’m done for the day. I promise.

Wilson Wants To Go SwimmingPoor Wilson. He loves to swim, but because he boards school buses, he has to wear a collar that keeps him from going too far from the house. I like how this picture turned out- the blurry tail, the anxious ‘come on and take me with you guys’ look on his face. We took the collar off after that and let him come out with us. He had a ball.


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