Adventures In Sewing

Today, I successfully reconstructed my first pair of jeans.

I’m so happy. *bounce* I needed a new pair of cropped/capri style pants, since I had literally blown the thighs (yes, the thighs) out of my favorite pair. This new pair I made from a pair of straight leg Levis, which I hated. I can’t stand straight leg jeans, they rank right up there with skinny jeans. Nothing makes my butt look big like jeans that make my legs look like lollipop sticks! And my butt looks big enough as it is, thank you very much. So- new cropped capri length jeans. *happy*

I’m very new to sewing. As in I got a sewing machine for Christmas new. I’m also cheap and picky, which means that following a pattern isn’t something that I’m inclined to do. Especially if I’m just making something for my boys to use. Like Evan’s Spongebob Grandma Bag. It was my first time inserting a zipper, but my second time making a bag. I found a bag tutorial with an interesting (read: easy sounding) way to insert a zipper.  I tried it. I sewed that zipper to the outer fabric. I then sewed the bag, inside out  (can you see where I’m going with this?). I discovered, after I had sewed the bag, that I couldn’t unzip the zipper to flip the bag inside out.

See, told you that I was new to this whole sewing thing. I had to rip the seam, unzip the zipper, and resew, but that’s ok. I learned my lesson and I (hopefully) won’t do that again. But I’m still pretty happy with how the bag turned out, and so is Evan.

Evan's Grandma Bag

He loves his bag, and just used it for his week at Grandma’s house. I have a feeling that he may use this bag instead of his Ironman backpack for school.

Besides Evan’s bag, I made myself a bag.

My bagThe silver star fabric- i have not idea where i came from. My mom found it in her garage, and while I know it belongs to me, I don’t remember buying it. It has to be at least 10 years old, quite possibly more. The purse is reversible, and i’m planning on making matching camera straps for both sides (just because I can).


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