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First Day Pictures

codyfirstdayWhen did he grow up?

dylanfirstdayOr him?

evanfirstdayHe’s obviously ready to go…


A Year In Pictures

I added a new page, something that i thought would be kinda fun for me to do. The goal is to take one picture a day for an entire year. I started this 10 days ago, and finally go around to posting some of the pictures. Some are quirky, some are cool, and only one wasn’t actually taken by me, but rest assured, I did take a picture that day, it just wasn’t as cool as this one.

2009-0819Mike took this one, to show the guys are work just how big the windmills on the wind farms are. They’re building a wind farm near my parents’ house, about 10 miles away from where I live.

2009-0817I took this one, but I love the shadows in it.

2009-0812These were just yummy. Pork, onion, mushroom, peppers and whatever seasonings Mike put on them. They were made on the fly, and turned out so, so good.

Too Fast…

Evan, 2 or 3 years oldEvan, four years ago. Wasn’t he adorable?

DSC05373Evan, August 1st, with Daddy. Today is his kindergarten round up, and next Monday, he will start kindergarten. I can’t believe that he’s going to be in kindergarten- where has the time gone?

Paranoid Mommy

Yepperee folks, that is exactly what I am- a PARANOID MOMMY.

My parents got new cell phones last week. Their old phones were Tracfones that have double minutes for the life of the phone, and Mom had just renewed her number for a year. Rather than waste the time on both their phones, they gave one phone to me and one phone to Cody. Cody has had his phone for less than 48 hours, which means that, being the good internet mommy that I am, I had to check his call history (eh? see what a good little mom I am?).

I know when he got the phone- and I came across a local number, that wasn’t in his address book (the only numbers that he’s allowed to call, and he knows it), and immediately start to panic. Who is he calling? Who does that number belong to? And, more importantly, where did he get it? He doesn’t remember, and I don’t recognize it. I just looked it up, and then I remember…

My mom used his phone to order their dinner from a local restaurant the day that they gave him the phone.

Yep, my son got in trouble because his grandmother used his phone.

It’s Coming…

The first day of school, that is. This year is a year that I’ve been dreading for almost 7 years. My baby- correction my LAST baby- is going off to kindergarten. Now he’s been in school for the last two years, but preschool isn’t kindergarten.

And a week from Monday, he starts kindergarten. Yesterday, we went and checked out the class lists. Evan got the teacher that we like, and he’s in the afternoon class (yeah, we’re still half day kindergarten). Dylan got a new to us teacher this year, and since it’s Dylan that got the teacher, I’m hopeful. Cody got a teacher that he wanted, and she’s one that I know will be tough on him when he needs it.

Monday is Kindergarten Round Up. Evan’s given us problems when it comes to kindergarten since last March, when he was told that he was ready for kindergarten. Something about kindergarten bugs him or scares him or something. He gets all quiet like and doesn’t want to talk or do anything. Yesterday, when I mentioned that he was a new kindergartener and told him that who his teacher is, he clammed up. Refused to talk. Dragged his feet the entire way home (we walked). Pouted. Told me that he wasn’t going to kindergarten.

He’s resigned to it now, but I’m kinda dreading Monday. And then the next Monday. Not because I’ll get all teary eyed (which I will), but because I’m not sure how he’ll act in kindergarten.

More Inspiration

maya*made: artful organization.

first, I love this site. Some interesting ideas and crafts, and I really like this organizational idea. I wrote about turning the boys’ closet into a reading nook, and then stumbled across this pegboard idea. It would fit in perfect above the bench in the nook, and would be a great way for the boys to display the artwork that they bring home from school throughout the year.

Problem Areas

I have multiple problem areas in the home. One of them is Dylan and Evan’s bedroom closet. They share a bedroom, and because Evan is accident prone and I’m not really in the mood for midnight rushes to the emergency room because he rolled off the top bunk (yeah, I don’t trust rails. I’m a PARANOID MOTHER), their bunkbed is currently two twin beds, which doesn’t leave us a lot of room.

Last night, I was browsing some new to me blogs, and came across this wonderful little gem:

Reader Redesign: One Mod Mudroom.

And I had a light bulb moment. Granted, the inspiration is a mud room, but I’m thinking READING NOOK. I was planning on painting the closet, and I was going to leave it open to begin with, but this solves a couple of problems.

  1. Seating space for two (or more) kids.
  2. what to do with what is essentially WASTED SPACE.

Of course, it doesn’t solve where to put their clothes, but since they tend to consider any outfit on display to be perfect for a quick game of ‘Let’s see how many outfit we can get to hang from the ceiling light’, I’m not completely against it.  It also means that I need to figure out how to get some light in there, since apparently lights in closets were unheard of in the 50s.

I’m going to have to get creative. Right now, the boys have some shelves in their closet, which are the perfect height for a bench. I’m going to paint them, and I’ll make a cushion and some pillows to set on it. Unlike the linked post, I won’t put hooks in their closet. I will put shelves on either side, for their books and assorted toys. I love the idea of baskets on the bottom shelf, which will help with the toy box problem (they have too many toy boxes as it is). I can get rid of a toy box, which makes room for a desk which will be a stand for their TV (yeah, they have a TV in their room. Sue me).

Another problem area in the house is Cody’s room. Yes, the entire room. In case you didn’t know, this house is where I grew up. Cody’s room was my room, and because I’m most definitely female, he has been sleeping in a lavendar room for the last four years.

Yeah, let that just sink in for a moment.

My nine year old son has been sleeping in a LAVENDAR and SEAFOAM GREEN bedroom.

I hope that he doesn’t need therapy due to this.

Because I can’t do the entire room just yet. Too expensive, Mike works almost constantly, and quite frankly- it’s too hot (no air conditioning), so I’m thinking maybe next spring or fall. But in the meantime, I can refinish his dresser and do something with his desk. That is actually a project for the first week of school, no matter what Mike says.